Introduction to installation of Windows 98 on hardware

Building a computer compatible for Windows 98 is not a difficult task, but it is important to know that there are limits imposed by the technologies of that time.

For example, Windows 98 does not support more than 768 MB RAM, all modern computers offer at least 2 GB RAM and it is almost impossible to get memory modules of 512 MB or less.

In order to run Windows 98, the most easy way is using virtualization software like Virtualbox or Hyper-V, already included in Windows 10.
However, several tricks have been discovered to allow you to use directly installed Windows 98 even on 1-2 years old hardware .
It is suggested to get some old hardware, possibly prior to 2005, to enjoy a more complete experience.

In this blog you will find, in the section dedicated to Windows 98, a series of articles and videos that will help you enter the world of operating systems of the last millennium.

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